Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Residency requirements for the PhD degree are summarized in the Faculty of Graduate Studies regulations.

The course requirements for each PhD candidate are decided through consultation with the student, the research supervisor and the student’s Advisory Committee at the beginning of the first year. Students should maintain an A- average or higher. All PhD candidates must participate in the departmental seminar program during each full year of training. The acquisition of teaching skills is an integral part of the program. Therefore, the student is also required to assist in laboratory teaching (approximately 20-30 hours per year) and to deliver two to four hours of lectures during the course of his/her training.

A written thesis (ANAT 9530.00: PhD Thesis) based on original research of a high calibre must be submitted and defended orally.

Financial assistance may be available for qualified candidates for a period of up to four years.


Students must submit a research proposal to their Advisory Committee by the end of the first year.

All PhD candidates must pass a preliminary examination no later than one full year prior to the submission of a thesis. The examination will include material related to the general and specific areas of research. The examining committee will be selected by the student’s Advisory Committee after consultation with the research supervisor and will conduct the examination in accordance with the regulations established by the Department of Medical Neuroscience.

Thesis Examination

PhD theses will be defended in accordance with the regulations of the Faculty of Graduate Studies.