Chairperson of Department

DuBois, L.

Professors Emeriti

Apostle, R., BA (Simon Fraser), MA, PhD (Calif, Berkeley). Economic Sociology; Research Methodologies; Sociology of Culture
Barkow, J. H., BA (Cuny), MA, PhD (Chicago). Psychological Anthropology; Medical Anthropology; Evolutionary Psychology; West Africa; Human Nature
Binkley, M., BA, MA, PhD (Toronto). Maritime Anthropology; Coastal communities; Anthropology of Tourism; Women and Work; Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods
Butler, P. M., BA (Memorial), MA (UNB), PhD (Toronto). Power; Public Opinion; Politics; Quantitative Methods; Public Opinion Polling; Canadian Society; Occupations; Telework
Clairmont, D. H., BA, MA (McMaster), PhD (Wash). Social Problems; Public Policy; Justice; Work; Ethno-cultural Relations


Gardiner Barber, P., BA, MA (Auckland), PhD (Toronto). Culture and Political Economy; Development; Gender and Work; Globalization; Philippines; Transnationalism; Citizenship and Migration
Murphy, C. J., BA (St. FX), MA (Dalhousie), PhD (Toronto). Social Policy Research, Globalization, Policing and Security
Ramos, H., BA (York), MA, PhD (McGill). Political Sociology, Social Movements, Media Studies, Race/Ethnic/Minority Relations

Associate Professors

Cooper, A., BA (Toronto), MA (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education), PhD (Toronto). History of the African Diaspora in Canada; African Canadian studies; slavery; abolitionism; women; gender
DuBois, L., BA (McGill), MA, PhD (New School-NY). History and Anthropology; Political Culture; Argentina; Latin America; Human Rights
Fitting, E., BA (Toronto), MA, PhD (New School). Rural development; Mexico; gender and ethnicity; commodity studies and globalization; agricultural biotechnology
Gambold, L., BA (Illinois), MA, PhD (UCLA). Economic Anthropology, Kinship, Development, Rural Culture, Gender, Postsocialist Societies, Russia
Helland, C., BA, MA (Concordia), PhD (Toronto). Sociology of Religion, Communication and Information Technologies, Social Networks
Noble, B., BA, MA, PhD (Alberta). Indigenous peoples, knowledge production, postcolonial relations, translocality, politics of transaction, anthropology of technoscience, public culture, museums and media
Oakley, R., BA (Hons) (St. Mary's), MA, PhD (Toronto). Aging and the life class; Political economy of health and illness; development critique; South Africa
Radice, M., BA (Sussex), MA (Univ Laval), PhD (INRS-UCS). Urban anthropology; anthropology of space and place; immigration, ethnicity and interethnic relations; theories of cosmopolitanism; Quebec; Canada
Whelan, E., BA (Hons) (Winnipeg), MA (Queen’s), PhD (Carleton). Sociology of Knowledge; Sociology of Health and Illness; Gender; Science and Technology Studies
Yoshida, Y., BA Studies (Tsuda College, Tokyo, Japan), MA, PhD (McGill). Social statistics; Inequality in the Canadian Labour market; Race and ethnic relations; Immigration and integration; Inequality in healthcare access

Assistant Professors

Eramian, L., BA (Hons), MA (Western), PhD (York). Economy, work and development, social justice and inequality, ethnicity, personhood; political anthropology; personal relationships; violence and genocide; Africa
Foster, K., BA (Hons) (Dalhousie), MA (Waterloo), PhD (Carleton). Economy, work and development; knowledge; science and expertise; political economy; research methods; rural studies; social statistics; Atlantic Canada
Guy, J. S., BA, MA (Laval), PhD (UQAM). Classical and contemporary social theory; Theories of modernity; System theory and globalization
Lewis, D., BA (McMaster), MREM (Dalhousie). Social Justice and Inequality, Community based Participatory Research, Environment Health, Indigenous Methodology, Embodiment, Social Statistics
Martin, F., BA (Queen’s), MA, PhD (Melbourne). The Sociology of Addictions; The Sociology of Body and Emotions; Feminist Theory and the Sociology of Motherhood; Bioethics and Public Health; Forms and experiences of inequality inadvanced capitalist societies
Robinson, M., BA (SMU), MA, PhD (Toronto). Indigenous peoples; Critical health studies; Social justice and inequality; Gender; Drug use; Food & food movements; Research methods

Cross-Appointed Professors

Asbridge, M., BA, MA, PhD (Toronto), Professor in Dalhousie Medical School's departments of Community Health and Epidemiology and Emergency Medicine. Psychoactive substance use in children and adolescents; drug and alcohol impaired driving; emergency medicine; social determinants of health; and the  historical development and formation of public policy and law
Beagan, B., BA, MA (Dalhousie), PhD (UBC), major appointment in the School of Occupational Therapy. Social Inequality; Health and Illness; Gender and Health; Racism and Health; Health Professions
Graham, J., BA Hons (Waterloo), MA (Victoria), PhD (Montreal), Professor of Pediatrics and Canada Research Chair in Bioethics. Medical Anthropology; Science Studies; International Harmonization of standards and Regulations
Ng, E., BCom (UBC), MBA (Simon Fraser), PhD (McMaster)
Waldron, I., BA (McGill), MA (London), PhD (Toronto), Professor in Dalhousie's School of Nursing. Aboriginals; African Canadians; Immigrant and refugee communities

Adjunct (FGS)

Alfoldy, S., BFA (Victoria), MA, PhD (Concordia)
Davis, A., BA (St. Mary's), MA (Manitoba), PhD (Toronto)
Gamberg, H. V., BA (Brandeis), MA, PhD (Princeton)
Halafoff, A., BA (Melbourne), MA (New England), PhD (Manash)
Hetherington, K., BA (Concordia), MA (Dalhousie), PhD (Univ of California, Davis).
Kearney, J., BSc (Acadia), MES (Dalhousie), PhD (Laval)
Khasnabish, A., BA, MA, PhD (McMaster)
Leroux, D., BA (Trent), MA (Toronto), PhD (Carleton)
Looker, D., BA (Carleton), MA (Waterloo), PhD (McMaster)
Phyne, J., BA (Memorial), MA, PhD (McMaster)
Schmidt, J., BA (Lethbridge), MA (McGill), PhD (Western)
Thomson, A., BA, BEd, MA (Dalhousie), PhD (Cambridge)