Master of Arts (MA)

A full-time MA program is normally of one year's duration, its upper time limit (in accordance with Faculty of Graduate Studies Regulations) being four years. A part-time option is also available, its upper time limit (once again, in accordance with Faculty of Graduate Studies regulations) being four years.

The normal program is made up of 30 credit hours.  SOSA 9000.00/SOSA 9001.00: MA Thesis, worth 12 credit hours, is required as are the following courses: SOSA 5200.06: Master's Seminar in Sociology and Social Anthropology and SOSA 5300.06: Area Examination. An elective course (or two 3 credit hour courses) approved by the Graduate Education Committee constitute the final credit hours.

An examination in the student's chosen area of specialization as well as defense of a thesis proposal are required