Chair of the Department

Janssen, J. C., MSc (Eindhoven), PhD (Lehigh)

Director of Division

Dowd, M., MBA, MES, PhD (Dalhousie)

Graduate Coordinator

Mills Flemming, J. E., MSc (TUNS), PhD (Dalhousie)

Professor Emeritus

Field, C. A., MSc, PhD (Northwestern). Robust statistics, data analysis, bioinformatics
Hamilton, D., MA, PhD (Queens). Environmental statisticsStatistical genetics and bioinformatics


Bielawski, J. P., MA (Hofstra), PhD (Texas A & M Univ), joint appointment with Biology. Adaptive molecular evolution, Markov models of molecular evolution, genomics, bioinformatics
Dowd, M.,
MES, PhD (Dalhousie). Statistical inverse problems, time series, spatial analysis, stochastic dynamic models
Mills Flemming, J. R., MSc (TUNS), PhD (Dalhousie). Environmental statistics, robustness, data analysis (longitudinal, tracking)
Smith, B., MSc (Calgary), PhD (Berkeley). Time series analysis, data analysis, statistical genetics
Susko, E. A., MSc (UBC), PhD (Waterloo). Molecular evolution, bioinformatics, mixture models, machine learning, data analysis
Thompson, K., MSc (Manchester), PhD (Liverpool), joint appointment with Oceanography. Time series analysis, applications to oceanography

Associate Professors

Beiko, R., PhD (Ottawa), joint appointment with Computer Science
Herbinger, C., MSc (Paris), PhD (Dalhousie), joint appointment with Biology. Statistical genetics
Zhao, Y., MSc (Western Kentucky), PhD (UBC), joint appointment with Management


Sarhan, A., PhD (Gdansk), Dalhousie

Adjunct (FGS)

Gupta, R. P., MSc (Agra), PhD (Delhi), Dalhousie University
MacNeil, A., PhD (Newcastle), Aus. Inst. Marine Sciences
Millar, M., MSc, PhD (Dalhousie), Mount Saint Vincent University
Stewart, C., PhD (Dalhousie), University of New Brunswick,  St. John
Yung, W., PhD (Carleton), Statcan

Statistical Consultant

Wang, H., PhD (Ottawa)

Please refer to the entry for the Department of Mathematics and Statistics in this calendar for a full listing of the members of the Department and information on other programs offered by the Department.