Aiken, A. BSc(Kin), BScPT, MSc, PhD

Graduate Coordinator



Gahagan, J., BA, BA Honours (Carleton), MA (Univ of Windsor), PhD (Wayne State Univ). End of life care, Gender and health, Sexual health, Social determinants of health, Harm reduction
Jackson, L., BA, MA, PhD (Toronto). Harm reduction, Rural women's health, Marginalized populations, Sex industry
Jakeman, D., BSc, PhD (Sheffield). Chemical biology, Medicinal chemistry, Protein engineering, Natural products, Carbohydrates
Johnston, G., BSc (Hons) (McGill), MHSA (Alberta), PhD (Western). Record linkage, Administrative databases, End of life and palliative care, Cancer control, Assessing population registries data quality, Epidemiology
Karabanow, J., BA (Hons), MA (McGill), PhD (Wilfrid Laurier). International social work, Organization theory, Globalization, Housing, Political economics, Homelessness and poverty
Kay-Raining Bird, E., BA, MSc, PhD (Wisconsin), Cultural and linguistic diversity, Down Syndrome, Language assessment and intervention, Autism, Child language development and disorders, Bilingualism
Kiefte, M., BA, MSc, PhD (Alberta). Speech processing, Speech perception and production
Hubley-Kozey, C., BPE (UNB), MSc (Waterloo), PhD (Dalhousie). Muscle activation and movement, Low back pain, Interrelationship of muscles in normal and pathological conditions, Knee joint pathologies, Osteoarthritis
MacKay-Lyons, M., BSc (PT) (Toronto), MScPT (USC), PhD (Dalhousie) Neurotherapeutics 
Packer, T., BSc (OT) (Western) MSc, PhD (Queen’s). Participation, Self Management, Disability, Chronic conditions, Health Education
Rehman, L., BHK, MA (UBC), PhD (Waterloo). Work relationships and health, Access to recreation, Youth and leisure, Children and leisure, Leisure and the internet
Singleton, J., BA (Waterloo), MS (Penn State), PhD (Maryland). Therapeutic recreation, Social gerontology, Leisure research, Leisure and aging
Sketris, I., BSc (Pharm) (Toronto), PharmD (Minn), MPA (HSA) (Dalhousie). Pharmacy practice, Drug safety, Pharmacoepidemiology, Pharmaceutical policy
Thomas Bernard, W., BA (MSVU), MSW (Dalhousie), PhD (Sheffield). End of life care, Gender, Aging, Racism, Well-being
Ungar, M., BA, BSW, MSW (McGill), PhD (Wilfrid Laurier). Social constructionism, Cross-cultural diversity research, Family therapy, Child and adolescent mental health, Delinquency, Program evaluation, Child development, Ecological social work, Resilience
Wang, J., BS, MA, PhD (SUNY). Instrumentation in audiology, Hearing Science, Neuroscience
Westwood, D., BSc, MA, PhD (Waterloo). Movement disorders, Cognitive neuroscience, Kinesiology, Physiology, Motor control
Yeung, P., BSc (Pharm), MSc (Man), PhD (Saskatchewan). Pharmacokinetics, Bioanalysis, Pharmacodynamics, Biomarkers, Drug metabolism

Associate Professors

Agu, R., BPharm, MPharm (Univ Nigeria), MPharm, PhD (Katholieke Universiteit, Belgium). Drug delivery, Toxicity screening, Transporters, Respiratory-Nasal
Aiken, S., BA, MSc, PhD (Toronto), Binaural processing, Hearing aid processing, Cortical event related potentials, Electrophysiology, Auditory temporal processing, Speech evoked responses, Auditory steady-state responses
Beagan, B., BA, MA (Dalhousie), PhD (UBC). Social Class, Professional Practice, Sexual and Gender Identity, Diversity Inclusion, Health Professional Education, Disability, Social Inequality and Occupation, Race Ethnicity and Racism
Blanchard, C., BA Honours (UPEI), MSc, PhD (Alberta),major appointment in the Department of Medicine. Determinants of health behaviours (mainly physical activity) in diseased (e.g. cardiac patients and cancer survivors) and non-diseased (e.g. adolescents, university students, adults, ethnic disparities) populations; quality of life outcomes associated with health behaviours in diseased and non-diseased populations; statistics, research methods, and measurement.
Brown,C., BA, MA (Manitoba), MSW (Carleton), PhD (Toronto). Feminist research, Cross-cultural diversity research, Depression, Sexual abuse, violence against women and children, Women's Health, Health and mental health policy, Eating disorders and body image, Childhood trauma, Addictions
Cleave, P., BA/BSW, MClSc, PhD (Kansas). Language and literacy skills of children with language impairment and Down Syndrome
Goralski, K., BSc, PhD (Manitoba). Pharmacokinetics, Breast Cancer, Chermerin and Chemokin-Like Receptor 1 (CMKRL 1), Adipose (Fat) Tissue and Adipokines, Pharmacology, Obesity, Jadomycins
Harman, K., BScPT (Toronto), MSc (Ottawa), PhD (Carleton). Chronic pain, Sub-acute low back pain, Workplace injury
Hickey, E., BS, MA, PhD (Washington). Global health, Aphasia, Quality of life, Communication activities and participation, Treatment efficacy outcomes, Dementia, Traumatic brain injury
Hutchinson, S., BA (Victoria), MA (Dalhousie), PhD (Georgia). Leisure education; leisure and health promotion/risk prevention; leisure-based responses to stress; theory-driven program design and evaluation
Ingles, J., BA, PhD (Dalhousie). Language and cognition in adults with neurological disorders
Keats, M., BA (Calgary), MA (Alberta), PhD (Calgary). Physical activity, Exercise and cancer, Health promotion, Young adult cancer
Kirk, S., BSc Honours (Leeds Metropolitan Univ), PhD (Univ of Leeds). Health intervention, Physical activity, Health promotion, Obesity
Kozey, J., BSc, MSc (Waterloo), PhD (TUNS). Clinical and occupational biomechanics, Ergonomics, Biomechanics and psychophysics, Accessibility, Workstation design, Anthropometry
Latimer, M., BA (MAU), BScN, MN (Dalhousie), PhD (McGill), RN
MacDonald, J., BSW (STU), MSW (Carleton), PhD (Memorial). Anti-oppressive practice, Disability, Women's Health, Feminist counselling
Merritt, B., BS, MS (OT), PhD (Colorado State). Curriculum Evaluation, Health Professional Education, HIV, Objective Measurement, Chronic conditions, Rehabilitation, Activities of daily living
Persaud, D., MSc (Queen’s), MSA (Cntrl Mich), PhD (Toronto). Multi-disciplinary health care teams, Organizational learning adaptation and innovation, Performance management and measurement, Change management
Robinson, L., BSc Honours 1st. class (UVIC), MA, PhD (Simon Fraser). Cancer patients, Stress and social support, Stress and coping, Child and adolescent mental health, Information technology as a source of support information for health, Psychosocial aspects of cancer, Adolescent mental health, Relationships and health
Sabo, B., BA (Manitoba), MA, PhD (Dalhousie), RN. Knowledge to Action, Palliative care, Psychosocial oncology, Oncology
Steenbeek, A, BScN, MScN, PhD (UBC), RN. Aboriginal health, Sexually transmitted infections, Community-based research, Health services among marginalized populations
Versnel, J., BSc (OT) (Toronto), MSc (OT) (Western), PhD (Queen’s). Children Youth Young Adults and Families, Chronic disease, Evidence Based Practice, Participation, Interprofessional Practice, Transition to Adulthood, Self Management, Chronic conditions, Knowledge Translation
Warner, G., PhD (Epidemiology) (Case West Reserve Univ). Home Based Rehabilitation, Health Services Research, Aging, Participation, Mixed Methods, Implementation Science, Self Management, Family Centred Care
Weeks, L., BSc (UPEI), MSc (Maine), PhD (Virginia Tech). Rural issues, Care transitions, Senior housing, End of life care, Gender and aging, Aging, Elder abuse, Family caregivers

Assistant Professors

Boe, S., BPhEd (Brock), MPT, PhD (Western). Central and peripheral nervous system adaptations, Neurorehabilitation, Corticol contributions to balance control
Bombay, A., BSc (Ottawa), MSc, PhD (Carleton). Aboriginal health and well being, mental health, cultural identity, stress and trauma, intergenerational transmission, Indian Residential Schools, historical trauma, discrimination and intergroup relations, quantitative and/or qualitative methodologies
Campbell-Yeo, M., BN, MN (Dalhousie), PhD (McGill), RN. Clinical trials examining the impact of family and novel interventions on infant outcomes, pain stress, skin-to-skin contact, co-bedding. Clinical trials examining the impact of family and novel interventions on infant outcomes, pain stress, skin-to-skin contact, co-bedding
Curran, J., BScN, MEd (Memorial), PhD (Dalhousie), RN
Dechman, G., BScPT (Queen’s), PhD (McGill). Outcome measures to assess changes in activities for individuals with disabilities, Exercise to improve function for those with chronic diseases
Dieleman, C., BSc (OT) (Western), MSc, PhD (Queen's). Qualitative Research Methods, Diversity Inclusion, Professional Practice, Policy Implementation, Community Capacity Mapping Building, Mental Health, Forensic Correctional Services
Dithurbide, L., BA (St. Mary’s), MA (Brock), PhD (Michigan State)
Fenety, A., BSc (UNB), DPT (Manitoba), MSc (Alta), PhD (Dalhousie). Workplace modifications to prevent injury, Workplace injury
Gallant, K., BSc (Hons) (Mt. A), BJourn (King’s), MSc (Guelph), PhD (Waterloo). Volunteerism and organizational participation and their implications for communities; feelings of obligation within volunteering; civic engagement and community development; inclusion of marginalized populations in communities.
Grandy, S., BSc, MSc, PhD (Dalhousie). Cardiac function and aging, Cardiac cellular function, Cardiac disease prevention, Exercise and cardiac disease 
Hajizadeh, M., BA, MSc (Iran), PhD (Australia), Healthcare financing and utilization, equity in healthcare, health inequality and inequity, health policy, health economic evaluation
Kimmerly, D, BSc (Hons) (Waterloo), MSc, PhD (UWO). Cardiovascular disease and exercise, Cardiac function, Exercise physiology, Nervous system and exercise
Ladouceur, M., BSc, MSc (Sherbrooke), PhD (McGill). Spinal cord injury, Rehabilitation, Spasticity management, Physiology, Sport
Lauckner, H., BSc (OT), MSc, PhD (Queen’s). Diversity Inclusion, Community Engagement, Collaborative Community Practice, Collective Occupations, Community Development
MacKenzie, D., BSc (Saskatchewan), BSc (OT) (Alberta), MA (Ed) (MSVU), PhD (Dalhousie). Observation and eye movement, Neurological rehabilitation, and interprofessional education
Martin, D., BRec (Memorial), MA, PhD (Dalhousie). Food justice, Social determinants of health, Community based participatory research, Oral health promotion, Aboriginal-Indigenous health
Meisner, B., BSc Hon (Toronto), MSc, PhD (York). Health psychology, Critical multiplism, Health promotion, Gerontology, Adult development and aging
Numer, M., BA (Robert Morris Univ), MEd (California Univ), PhD (Dalhousie). Gay men's health, LGBTQ Health, HIV/AIDS, technology in post-secondary education, poststructural theories, queer theory, critical qualitative methodologies, discourse analysis
Rutherford, D., BSc (UWO), BSc PT (Toronto), MSc, PhD (Dalhousie). Knee osteoarthritis, Lower extremity injury and disease, Quantifying mechanics and muscle activation, Neuromusculoskeletal therapeutics
Stadnyk, R., BSc OT, MSc (Queen’s), PhD (Toronto). Occupational Choice, Participation, Social Inclusion, Family Caregiving, Continuing Care, Aging, Community Music Making, Health Policy
Waldron, I., BA (McGill), MA (London), PhD (Toronto). Impact of inequality on the health and mental health of racially diverse communities
Weinberg, M., BA (Toronto), MSW (Smith College), PhD (Toronto). Gender, Difference and identity, Discourse analysis, Qualitative research, Ethics in the helping professions, Critical post-structural feminist theory
Welch, J., BA, BSc Honours (Carleton), MSc (Alberta), PhD (Purdue Univ). Bones and nutrition, Obesity remediation, Bone imaging, Health benefits of sports, Bones and exercise