Candidates must satisfy the general requirements for admission to the Faculty of Graduate Studies. In addition to the Faculty of Graduate Studies requirements, the program has the following the following requirements:

Students will be accepted into the PhD program after completion of a Master’s degree from an accredited program.  Eligible students who have completed a research Master’s will be enrolled in the two year PhD program.  Students who have completed a non-thesis Master’s program are eligible for the three year PhD program.

Independent Research (non-thesis Master's degree applicants only)

Students with non-thesis Master's degree may be eligible for the two-year program if they can demonstrate independent research.  Following the guidelines provided by the Faculty of Graduate Studies, ways to demonstrate equivalency include: major research paper; presentation at scholarly conferences; publications in journals, etc.

A cumulative GPA of 3.7 is required for admission to the program.

Financial Support

Prior to being accepted into the program, an approved plan of funding must be submitted by the applicant and supervisor.  The requirement is that the plan consist of two years of guaranteed funding at a minimum rate of $12,000 plus tuition each year. Normally, students who are accepted are supported financially either by external sources, Dalhousie scholarships or supervisors research funding. Additional financing is available for students with external scholarships.

Applications should be made early, preferably by January 15th of the year before the proposed start of the program.