Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements

The PhD in Health is offered as a two-year program for students who have completed a thesis-based Masters and a three-year program for students with a non-thesis based Masters.  Students in the three-year program will complete research experience courses and a small-scale research/pilot project in their first year.  These must be completed before the student pursues the regular HLTH 6100 program requirement. Students MUST be registered in the program on a full time basis.

Please note that the terms two-year and three-year refer to the amount of time a full-time student is expected to take to complete required coursework and comprehensive exams.  It is generally expected that research and dissertation completion will take approximately two additional years.

Two-Year Program Requirements

Requirement Expected Completion Date
HLTH 6000, HLTH 6100 an Advanced Research elective and two additional electives End of Year 1
Comprehensive Exams: HLTH 8000 End of Year 2
Thesis Proposal: HLTH 9530 End of Year 2
Research and Dissertation Completion End of Year 4


Three-Year Program Requirements

Requirement Expected Completion Date
Research experience courses, including additional statistics/methodology course: HLTH 5101/HLTH 5102 End of First-Term, Year 2
All coursework, including required courses (see two year requirements above) End of Year 2
Comprehensive Exams End of Year 3
Thesis Proposal End of Year 3
Research and Dissertation Completion End of Year 5


Additional Requirements

  • participate in a Health Network Event. This yearly event will create links between the PhD in Health program and important stakeholders such as government representatives and the members of the clinical community.  As part of this event, students will make brief presentations on their research.
  • present at a local (e.g. The Crossroads Interdisciplinary Student Health Research Conference) or other scholarly conference at least once.
  • present twice to stakeholders (e.g. government and policy makers, industry representative, practitioners, voluntary health organizations, Worker's Compensation, etc).
  • produce 2 peer-reviewed publications.
  • apply for at least one funding/scholarship award either prior to or during their program

Supervisory Committees

Each student will have a supervisory committee consisting of their thesis supervisor(s) plus two faculty members appointed to the Faculty of Graduate Studies, The supervising committee will meet at least twice a year (including September following admission) or when called by any member of this committee or the student.