Exchange Programs

The Schulich School of Law is committed to promoting student opportunities to study in other countries, including civil law and other traditions. Exchanges are normally for one term and open to third year students. Home tuition arrangements generally apply where Dalhousie students are allowed to study at exchange partner institutions without additional tuition fees.

The application deadline is in January each year and students wishing to undertake an exchange must apply to the Assistant Dean of Student Services. Selection is the responsibility of the International Linkages Committee of the faculty. Students must have at least a B- grade average in law school. No student shall receive credit for participation in more than one exchange program.

Students wishing to obtain further details on existing exchanges, listed below, are advised to consult the latest information available at the Law Library’s Reserve Desk (listed under Exchange Programs) or consult materials on the Schulich School of Law website. A public information session about available exchange opportunities is normally held in the law school each January. Appropriate websites, faculty liaison persons and the Chair of the International Linkages Committee may also be consulted.

Students wishing to study away on a letter of permission for a year or a term at another Canadian law school should speak to the Associate Dean, Academic for more details. Students who spend a term at another Canadian law school will not be permitted to participate in an exchange program during the same academic year.


Currently the Schulich School of Law has exchange agreements with more than 20 universities, including:

  • University of Arizona (Arizona, USA)
  • Bucerius Law School (Hamburg, Germany)
  • China University of Political Science & Law (CUPL) (Beijing, China)
  • University of Houston Law Centre (Houston, USA)
  • Instituto Technologio de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (Monterrey, Mexico)
  • Laval University (Quebec, CA)
  • Lund University (Lund, Sweden)
  • University of Maine Law School (Portland, Maine, USA)
  • Universidad Panamericana (Mexico City)
  • Queensland University of Technology (Brisbane, Australia)
  • National Law School of India (Bangalore, India)
  • National University of Singapore (Singapore)
  • Southwestern Law School (Los Angeles, USA)
  • Suffolk University (Boston, USA)
  • Vrije Universiteit (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  • Victoria University of Wellington (Wellington, New Zealand)
  • George Washington University (DC, USA)
  • Tsinghua University (Beijing, China)
  • University of Southampton (UK)

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