Continuing Professional Development

Associate Dean:  LeBlanc, C. H.
Location:            Clinical Research Centre, C-106, 5849 University Avenue, Halifax, NS  B3H 4H7
Telephone:         (902) 494-2061 
Fax:                   (902) 494-1479

Continuing Professional Development programs have been presented by the Faculty since 1922 with the introduction of the annual Dalhousie Refresher Course. This Fall Refresher is still offered, along with the annual three-day Spring Refresher, since 1974. A variety of other types of programs are now offered by the Office of Continuing Professional Development, with contributions from many Faculty members. Subject matter is predominantly clinically oriented and ranges from research to applied therapeutics. In addition to the Refreshers and other Halifax-based short courses, a regular series of visiting teacher programs is offered in community hospitals throughout Nova Scotia. Community physicians are also served by other distance education initiatives: the provision of programs via interactive videoconference, the development of online interactive learning modules and live webinars. An academic detailing program provides one-on-one educational sessions in physicians’ offices. A variety of other programs are provided, with an increasing emphasis on small-group, problem-based learning activities.

Consultative services in Continuing Professional Development are available to medical organizations. Research on effective teaching and learning methods, program planning and evaluation is actively pursued. Particular emphasis is placed on developing methods that encourage physicians to take an active part in designing, conducting and evaluating their own continuing education.