Anderson, D., MD, FRCPC, FACP

Senior Associate Dean

White, D., MD

Associate Deans

Gorsky, D., MBA, Operations and Policy
Hall, J., MD (Memorial), CCFP, FCFP, Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick (DMNB)
McLeod, R., PhD, Research
LeBlanc, C., Continuing Medical Education
Sutton, E., MD, (Dalhousie), Undergraduate Medical Education
Warren, A., MD, MSc, FRCPC, Postgraduate Medical Education

Assistant Deans

Boulay, R., DMNB Clinical Education
Darvesh, S.,
MD, Research (Clinical Department)
Field, S., MD, Undergraduate Medical Education Clerkship
Forsythe, P., Student Affairs, DMNB
MacDonald, J., Student Affairs
Miller, S., Clinical Skills, IPE Lead 
Reiman, A.,
MD, Research Dalhousie Medicine (New Brunswick)
Rideout, A., MD (Dalhousie), Admissions
Weeden, A., Cert, BA (UNBSJ), BA (Dalhousie), Operations
Wells, S., BSc Medical Sciences 
West, M.,
Research (Clinical Trials)
Williams, G., MD (Memorial), FRCPC, Postgraduate Medical Education

Academic Director

Croskerry, P., MD, PhD, FRCP (Edin), Director
Sinha, G., Director, Student Advisor Program
Stewart, W., MD, Director,

Administrative Directors/Staff

Clow, R., MBA, PMP, CHRP, IT
Dixon, M.,
BSc, Operations and Policy (Manager)
Eakins, A., BA (Dalhousie), Undergraduate Medical Education Administrator
Forward, S. D., BComm (St. Mary's), Admissions and Student Affairs
Godin, J., BSc, MSc (Moncton), Cert AdEd (St. FX), Human Resources
MacNeil, C., CMA, Finance
O'Hearn, S., MA, MSc (OT), Global Health
Power, J., BA, MPA, Performance and Accountability
Robinson, M. A., Continuing Professional Development (Office Manager)
Ross, C., Research Director
Silver Smith, C., Postgraduate Medical Education
Taylor, I., IT

Dalhousie Medical Research Foundation

Thompson, B., CEO
Teixeira, D., Office Manager

Faculty Council

Brunt, K.
Elnenaei, M.
Fawcett, J.
Glennie, A.

Hong, P.
Karten, B.
Khan, N. (Chair)
Mukhida, K.
Murphy-Kaulbeck, L.

Penney, L.
Slamovits, C.
Travers, A.
Ex officio: President, Dean, Associate and Assistant Deans, Faculty Secretary, President of Medical Students' Society, President of PARI-MP, and Graduate Student Society Representative.