Location: Clinical Research Centre
5849 University Avenue
Room C-315
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Halifax, NS
B3H 4R2
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Education, knowledge generation and translation, pursued collaboratively, to advance ethical practice and the practice of ethics.

Med I and II

Bioethics is extensively integrated into the Professional Competencies Unit in Med 1 and 2. The focus is on integrating evidence and clinical approaches with ethical principles, in the context of an emphasis on critical thinking.


Ethics is an integral component of the PIER sessions in Clerkship. The focus of these sessions is on the broad concept of Professionalism.

Healthcare ethics is intentionally integrated with health law, relevant regulatory considerations and clinical practice under the conceptual umbrella of professionalism, during the four PIER transition sections during the clerkship years (Med III & IV). Ethics is also meaningfully incorporated into another integral component of the PIERs, the Integrated Care Experiences (ICEs) cases.

Postgraduate Education

The Department collaborates with specialties to meet their CanMEDS educational commitments. Integration of ethical analysis is also facilitated by participation of faculty in Grand Rounds, Journal Club and inter-disciplinary seminars.


A wide range of medical students and resident elective projects are supervised by departmental faculty.