Community Health and Epidemiology
Location: Centre for Clinical Research
5790 University Avenue
Halifax, NS
B3H 1V7
Telephone: (902) 494-3860
Fax: (902) 494-1597

Educational Objectives

The department is formally engaged in the education of undergraduate medical students and residents, as well as in the provision of graduate teaching through the MSc in Community Health and Epidemiology and the PhD in Epidemiology and Applied Health Research. These graduate programs are designed to help students achieve the following learning outcomes:

  1. Demonstrate an in-depth understanding of epidemiologic principles and research methods.
  2. Critically evaluate research evidence.
  3. Collaborate and contribute to the design and implementation of health care research.
  4. Undertake ethical and sound research as an independent investigator.
  5. Play leadership roles in translating results into policy, guidelines and health care decision-making.
  6. Teach and promote epidemiologic principles and research methods.

First and Second Year Medicine

The Department participates in the undergraduate education program by active involvement of Faculty members, as Unit Heads, Component Heads, and tutors. In addition, Faculty members provide supervision and mentorship for students' Research in Medicine projects, as well as student electives and individual consultations.