Mineral Resource Engineering
Location: Sexton Campus
1360 Barrington Street
Room D215
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Halifax, NS
B3H 4R2
Telephone: (902) 494-3960
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Website: www.dal.ca/faculty/engineering/civil-resource.html
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The Mineral Resource Engineering Program concentrates on the technical, environmental and economic aspects of the extraction and processing of the Earth’s mineral resources. Students can pursue options in mineral resource engineering, petroleum engineering and mineral processing.

The main employers for Mineral Resource Engineering graduates are the mineral resource industries, oil and gas industries, financial and government institutions, consulting companies, mining equipment manufacturers and dealerships, marketing mine service companies, mineral investment and financial institutions, and research and teaching institutions. The development of an analytical attitude, team work and communication skills are important aims of the Mineral Resource Engineering Program. Participation in field trips to mining and petroleum operations in the Maritime region is a degree requirement and each student is required to share costs.

Opportunity also exists to continue in the MASc, MEng, and PhD programs for those who would like to specialize in areas of Mineral Extraction, Mineral Processing and Petroleum Engineering at Dalhousie.

Curriculum and course descriptions

Refer to sections IIB and IIIB, Mineral Resource Engineering Programs, in the Civil and Resource Engineering section.