Department Head

Phillips, W. J., BSc (Eng), MSc (Qu), PhD (UBC). Algorithms and implementation for communication networks


Fenton, G. A., BEng, MEng (Carleton), MA, PhD (Princeton), PEng. Random field theory with applications to engineering problems
Iakovlev, S. V., MSc, PhD (St. Petersburg), PEng. Fluid-structure interaction
Kember, G., BSc, MSc, PhD (UWO). Dynamical systems and the analysis of geophysical and medical time series data
Robertson, W., BSc (Eng Hons), MSc (Eng) (Aberdeen), PhD (TUNS), PEng. DSP architecture and algorithms and internetworking applications

Associate Professors

Gentleman, W., BEng (Hons) (McGill), PhD (Dartmouth College). Modelling of marine ecosystem dynamics related to fisheries and climate change

Adjunct (FGS)

Aslam, N., BSc, Mech (Univ of Engineering and Technology, Lahore), MEng, PhD (Dalhousie)
Auricchio, F., BEng (Napoli), MS, PhD (Univ of California)
Comeau, F., BEng, MASc (TUNS), PhD (Dalhousie), PEng
Fgee, E., PhD (Dalhousie)
Hannah, C. G., BASc, PhD (UBC), PEng
Khan, Z., BSc (Univ of Peshawar), MSc (Quaid-I-Azam Univ), MSc (Univ of Engia Tech, Tevila), MCSc, PhD (Dalhousie)
Perrie, W., BSc (Toronto), PhD (MIT)
Sivakumar, S. C., BEng (Bangalore), MASc, PhD (TUNS), PEng