BA (120 credit hour) Combined Honours in Religious Studies

Students must complete the Faculty requirements for the combined honours degree. At least 30 credit hours and no more than 48 credit hours must be in Religious Studies above the 1000 level. At least 66 credit hours and no more than 84 credit hours are to be in both subjects beyond the 1000 level.

The Religious Studies requirements are:

  1. 6 credit hours of 1000-level RELS classes or King’s Foundation Year Programme;
  2. 12 credit hours of 2000-level RELS classes;
  3. 18 credit hours of 3000-level or 4000-level RELS classes, of which minimum 12 credit hours should be from the following list: RELS 3000.03; RELS 3009.03; RELS 3012.03; RELS 3100.03; RELS 3101.03; RELS 3111.03; RELS 3112.03; RELS 3113.03; RELS 3114.03; RELS 3282.03; RELS 4010.03; RELS 4018.03; RELS 4401.03;
  4. Outside Religious Studies 6 credit hours will be required from the following list: both ARBC 1021.03 (Arabic I) and ARBC 1022.03 (Arabic II); CHIN 1030.06 (Mandarin); both RELS/CLAS 1600.03 (Sanskrit I) and RELS/CLAS 2600.03 (Sanskrit II); both CLAS 1801.03 (Intro Latin I) and CLAS 1802.03 (Intro Latin II); CLAS 1900.06 (Classical Hebrew); CLAS 2500.06 (Ancient Greek). Students may substitute a more advanced course in these languages for this requirement.
  5. If the first subject is Religious Studies, completion of the Honours component (RELS 0400.00): either (a) the Religious Studies Honours Examination, or (b) the Religious Studies Honours Thesis, subject to approval by faculty.