Minor in Applied Ethics

This minor is available to students registered in a 120 credit hour Bachelor of Applied Computer Science, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Community Design, Bachelor of Computer Science, Bachelor of Informatics, Bachelor of Management, Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Science (Medical Sciences) program.


At least 18 credit hours and no more than 27 credit hours in Philosophy beyond the 1000 level, including at least three credit hours beyond the 2000 level.

Select at least three credit hours from the following:


Select at least nine credit hours from the following:

  • PHIL 2805.03: Ethics & Health Care: Patient Care
  • PHIL 2810.03: Ethics & Health Care: Social Policy
  • PHIL 2081.03: Ethics in the World of Business
  • PHIL 2680.03: Ethics in Science
  • PHIL 2475.03: Justice in Global Perspective
  • PHIL 2480.03: Environmental Ethics
  • PHIL 2490.03: Social, Ethical and Professional Issues in Computer Science
  • PHIL 2720.03: The Good Life: Well-being, Meaning and Happiness
  • PHIL 4801.03: Topics in Ethics and Health Care
  • PHIL 4125.03: Topics in Ethics


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