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The main objective of the undergraduate internship course is to help facilitate the development of the skills, knowledge, and experiences necessary to be successful in a workplace related to the student's area of study. The spring/summer internship hosted by an agricultural enterprise (other than a home farm or business), a government agency, or other relevant employer, is designed to enhance student learning by allowing the students to gain supervised, on-the-job work experience in a field of employment that matches the student's career interests. Students are to analyze the tasks and operations that are a function of the business or operation and detail the activities, skills, knowledge and understanding that provide evidence of competent performance of those operations. The course coordinator will assist in finding appropriate placements; however, the student is responsible for applying for and obtaining the internship placement. Students, in collaboration with their employer and course coordinator, will also set personal learning objectives and workplace performance objectives that will strengthen their skill-set and enhance leadership skills. This Internship is available to students in Undergraduate and Technology programs in the Faculty of Agriculture after the successful completion of one year of study.
FORMAT: Experiential Learning
FORMAT COMMENTS: This is a 12 - 16 week (35hr/wk or equivalent work placement.