Welcome - Conversational Arabic: Introduction to Levantine Dialects ARBC 2030   Conversational Arabic: Introduction to Levantine Dialects
This class aims to complement students' knowledge of the formal language (Modern Standard Arabic) with an understanding of Levantine dialects (spoken in Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine/Israel, and Syria) and the ability to converse, informally, on daily life and activities. It is designed for students in their early stage of Arabic language acquisition. Students who have taken Standard Arabic at the introductory level at Dalhousie (ARBC 1020 or ARBC 1022) or elsewhere may take this class in parallel with ARBC 2020 or ARBC 2021, Intermediate Arabic (which focuses on Standard Arabic). Cultural aspects related to life, society and mentalities in the Levantine area of the Arabic speaking world will be introduced along with linguistic notions.
FORMAT: Lecture
FORMAT COMMENTS: and Conversation
PREREQUISITES: ARBC 1020, ARBC 1022 or the instructor's permission.
EXCLUSIONS: Native speakers of any Arabic dialect (Levantine or other).