Welcome - Spatial Information and GIS in Ecology BIOL 3633   Spatial Information and GIS in Ecology
A hands-on approach to understanding and using spatial information, this course introduces students to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) as a tool to answer ecological questions. Together, students conduct a major field project, collecting data, creating maps using GIS, and interpreting spatial patterns, to address an applied problem in ecology.
NOTES: Offered in the summer through SEASIDE. an auxiliary fee is charged to cover field expenses. For dates, times and special registration procedures, see seaside.science.dal.ca.
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PREREQUISITES: BIOL 2060.03 or BIOA 3001.03
CROSS-LISTING: ENVS 3633.03, GEOG 3633.03, MARI 3633.03
EXCLUSIONS: PLAN 2006.03, GEOG 2006.03