Welcome - Intertidal Ecology and Diversity BIOL 3664   Intertidal Ecology and Diversity
Hands-on, intensive introduction to ecological research on rocky shores, tidal flats, and sandy beaches. Relevant ecological concepts, sampling techniques for flora and fauna, and statistical skills are learned. Field sampling on day and camping trips is followed by lab work (e.g., identification of seaweeds, invertebrates), statistical analysis, and report preparation.
NOTES: Offered in summer through SEASIDE. An auxiliary fee is charged to cover field expenses. For dates, times and special registration procedures, see seaside.science.dal.ca.
  • Lecture
  • Lab

FORMAT COMMENTS: Field intensive
PREREQUISITES: BIOL 2060.03 (or BIOA 3001.03), and STAT 1060.03 (or MATH 1060.03 or SCIE 15xx), and BIOL 2003.03
CROSS-LISTING: ENVS 3664.03, MARI 3664.03
EXCLUSIONS: BIOL 3662.03, BIOL 3663.03