Welcome - Honours Research and Thesis I BIOL 4901   Honours Research and Thesis I
This course is required of, and restricted to, all Biology Honours programs in which Biology is the major area of study. Students conduct a research project supervised by a research scientist and attend weekly meetings of the class. The classes (BIOL 4901.03 and BIOL 4902.03) are taken in the students' final year.
NOTES: BIOL 4901.03 and BIOL 4902.03 must be taken in consecutive fall/winter terms, or winter/fall terms (co-op only). Grades will not be recorded for either course until both have been completed, and the final Honours Thesis has been evaluated.
FORMAT: Other (explain in comments)
FORMAT COMMENTS: Weekly class meetings (1.5 - 3.0 hrs) and an independent research project
RESTRICTIONS: Students in the Biology Honours Programme, normally in their final year of study.
EXCLUSIONS: BIOL 4900.06, MARI 4900.06