Welcome - Research Reading and Conference BUSS 6103   Research Reading and Conference
The ability to conduct research competently and publish it in academic journals is a key determinant of students’ success in a graduate program and an entire academic career. The knowledge of the "how" behind performing research, the writing principles, and the rules of academic integrity are needed to develop research writing skills. In this course, students will read articles and book chapters about writing research papers and proposals to develop research writing skills. The students will learn how to reach different types of audiences, effectively describe research results, avoid plagiarism, and incorporate relevant and appealing stories into research writing. The mode of class discussion will rely on each student’s ability to relate the course material to the issues in their areas of interest. The students will apply the principles of effective writing at the word, sentence, and paragraph levels while writing a paper for a presentation or a conference submission.
FORMAT: Seminar
PREREQUISITES: BUSS 6101 Research Design and Methods
RESTRICTIONS: This course is restricted to students registered in the Master of Science in Business program