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This course teaches students professionalism in written and oral business correspondence. Students learn how to assess the business context and how to make strategic choices of medium, channel, and form. The course develops students' ability to work through the writing process, tailor business messages to specific purposes and audiences, and utilize techniques of persuasion in business memos, e-mail messages, letters, and informational and analytical reports. Students will also learn how to be effective speakers and presenters. The course introduces students to storytelling, structure, body language, and vocal techniques to enhance content in presentations.
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FORMAT COMMENTS: Hybrid: - Online independent learning - In-person discussion and experiential learning
EXCLUSIONS: COMM 1710.03, COMM 1720.03, COMM 1702.03, MGMT 3602.03, ENGL 2100.03, ENGL 2110.03, CSCI 2100.03