Welcome - Corporate Governance COMM 4340   Corporate Governance
The central focus of corporate governance is the relationship between the top management team (TMT), the board of directors (BoD), and other stakeholders, especially stockholders. The collapse of once successful, large corporations across the globe illustrates the prankishness of their board members and the degree of their lack of concern for stockholders' interests. The reputation of audit and consulting companies associated with these ill-fated corporations suffered a great setback, leaving stakeholders wondering whom to trust to safeguard their interests.Students will take an in-depth look at the corporate governance triad, as indicated above, that controls the modern corporation. Accordingly, this course will deal with the control, composition, functions, roles, and structure of boards; board responsibility and accountability, CEO tenure and compensation, shareholder and other stakeholder representation; corporate board’s vis-à-vis social responsibility and ethics; and comparative corporate governance across North America, Europe, and selected Asian countries.
FORMAT: Lecture
CROSS-LISTING: BUSI 6315.03, MGMT 4340.03