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This course is intended for marketing majors, and as a capstone course, it is designed to permit the integration of learning from other marketing courses. The aim of marketing strategy is to create superior customer value, life-time value, and customer relationships versus pushing products. Marketing strategy also involves careful competitive and market analysis, selection and development of markets in which the firm can operate with competitive advantage. Market development is particularly important for firms aiming for significant growth both domestically and internationally. Instruction is mostly through case studies of both B2C and B2B companies, report writing, and group presentations.
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PREREQUISITES: COMM 2401.03, COMM 3401.03 OR 3404.03, and one other marketing course (choose from: COMM 3402.03, COMM 3405.03, COMM 3407.03, COMM 3408.03, COMM 3409.03, COMM 3410.03, COMM 3413.03 or COMM 3414.03)