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Marketing Strategy is the capstone course for marketing majors designed to integrate learning from other marketing courses as well as to introduce marketing strategy concepts. For both B2C and B2B firms, the aim of marketing strategy is to create superior value for customers and build long-term relationships with them. The course focuses strategies that help firms grow and expand their markets. Marketing strategy is underpinned by insightful customer, competitive and market analysis so that firms can achieve competitive advantage in the markets where they operate. Marketing plans designed to implement a firm’s marketing strategy are also critical tools in determining a firm’s success. Discussion of cases are the main learning tools. Simulations, report writing, and group presentations will also be used to enhance the acquisition of essential marketing skills.
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PREREQUISITES: COMM 3401.03 OR COMM 3402.03 OR COMM 3404.03; plus one additional marketing elective course (choose from COMM 3405.03, COMM 3409.03, COMM 3410.03, COMM 3413.03, COMM 3414.03, or COMM 3710.03)