Welcome - Business Process Integration using ERP Systems COMM 4511   Business Process Integration using ERP Systems
An experiential learning approach is adopted in this class that includes hands-on learning using SAP ERP, analytics tools, and a game-based SAP ERP simulation. Here you will learn to manage a company end-to-end from vendors to buyers using the actual SAP ERP in a real-time simulated competitive environment. You will grasp the concept of processes, gain technical skills with SAP, and playfully learn how Enterprise Systems facilitate Business Intelligence which can be used to lead a company in a competitive environment. Since the emphasis of this class is on experiential learning, the class time is focused on hands-on cases and simulations instead of lectures. There is an expectation that you are prepared and complete the readings before each class. In this course, there will be a balanced focus on learning both business processes integrating different functional areas and the technology that facilitates this. The class will be taught in the lab activities through a combination of individual and group tasks interspersed with short lectures.
  • Lecture
  • Lab
  • Experiential Learning

PREREQUISITES: COMM 3511.03 or MGMT 3511.03