Welcome - International Business Strategy COMM 4701   International Business Strategy
The objective of this course is to help the students understand why firms expand overseas and how foreign operations differ from domestic ones. It provides the students with the necessary knowledge for a career or further study in international business. The course introduces the basic concepts of international business from a manager's perspective. It examines the issues and problems that arise when business operations extend across national boundaries and become international in scope or character. The emphasis is two-fold. First, consideration is given to the characteristics and contemporary dynamics of the world economy. Second, analysis is made of the development of the multinational firm and of the adaptation of the basic managerial functions due to internationalization. The course orientation is pragmatic and managerial. Through case studies, class discussions, assigned readings, and lectures, the students are expected to develop the skills for analyzing situations and formulating solutions in an international business context.
FORMAT: Lecture
PREREQUISITES: COMM 4353.03 (or COMM 4351.03 or MGMT 4001.03 or MGMT 4003.03)