Welcome - Social Media and Content Creation for Everyone CSCI 2204   Social Media and Content Creation for Everyone
In today’s world, it is difficult not to think about social media applications as a way to create a business or personal brand. This course explores the relationship between social media applications and the user as a content creator, developer and manager. We explore popular social media applications, their functionality and infrastructure, interface and content design (content creation), search engine optimization and search algorithms(development), and connect them with principles of usability and user experience (management), in order to provide a better understanding of a target users’ behavior on the web. By combining theory and application in a hands-on hybrid learning environment, this course aims to provide a fun and creative way of exploring the behind-the-scenes of social media applications and content creation and management. Whether you are interested on podcasting, vodcasting, streaming, video sharing, or other forms of storytelling, you can tailor this course based on your personal goals, and better showcase yourself as an artist, marketer, or influencer, and increase the visibility of your brand.