Welcome - Social Cost Benefit Analysis ECON 3350   Social Cost Benefit Analysis
Social cost benefit analysis is used to evaluate public projects and private sector regulations. It is similar to the revenue cost accounting used by firms but takes into account external costs and benefits such as environmental damages. This course explains the methodology in the context of case studies after which students apply the method to evaluate a public policy problem.
NOTES: It is strongly recommended for students to have taken one welfare analysis course such as ECON2216.03, ECON3335.03, ECON3345.03, ECON3330.03 or ECON3319.03 prior to registering for the course.
FORMAT: Lecture
PREREQUISITES: ECON 2200.03 (or ECON 2210.03 or ECON 2220.03) with a minimum grade of C
RESTRICTIONS: Registration exclusion = E2