Welcome - Reading Literature and Science ENGL 1060   Reading Literature and Science
While literature and science are often seen as opposed ways of discussing and analyzing the world, their history has always been intertwined. Literature has often pondered the ethical questions of scientific experiment, as in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, or contemplated the social and cultural transformations wrought by scientific development, as in Henry Adams’ meditation on electricity and religion. Likewise, language, literature, and culture have informed how science has been understood, and even which questions science has asked. In this course, we will read novels, plays, and poems that relate to a range of scientific disciplines. We will discuss how scientific discourses across a range of disciplines function, and how literature addresses and transforms those discourses.
NOTES: Meets Writing Requirement when taken with any one of ENGL 1005.03, ENGL 1015.03, ENGL 1025.03, ENGL 1040.03, ENGL 1050.03 or ENGL 1100.03.
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