Welcome - Gender Across Cultures GWST 2191   Gender Across Cultures
Applying theoretical perspectives drawn primarily from anthropology, this course considers the social and historical constructions of gender and sexuality in different cultural contexts. The course provides an overview of the anthropological study of gender as a universal yet culturally specific identity and set of relations and expectations. Themes around which the course will be organized will likely include the relationship between gender and the following; identities and markers of social difference, notably sexuality; kinship, reproduction, and the family as cultural institutions; labour, class and the global political economy; and gender politics and power relations. Students taking this course will consider the importance of looking beyond the western experience for understanding questions of gender, sexuality, and power. Approved with International Development Studies.
FORMAT: Lecture
PREREQUISITES: One of SOSA 1002.03, SOSA 1003.03, FYP, or 3 credits of GWST at any level