Welcome - Sexuality, Racism, and Western Political Thought GWST 3600   Sexuality, Racism, and Western Political Thought
Representations of women and constructs of femininity are a significant part of mainstream western political thought. This course explores these topics in the work of leading western philosophers, such as Aristotle, Aquinas, Hobbes, Locke and Rousseau, with attention to understanding the relation of ideas of sexual difference to general systems of thought. The course also considers how conceptions of gender difference and equality shape contemporary political, legal and philosophical discourses and practices, including in feminist critical theory and international human rights scholarship and activism. We will consider the arguments and strategies used by men and women in the past century to address systemic discrimination and advance gender equality.
FORMAT: Seminar
PREREQUISITES: Any one of the following classes: POLI 1010, POLI 1015, POLI 1030, POLI 1035, POLI 1050, POLI 1055, POLI 1100, POLI 1103, GWST 1010.03, GWST 1015.03, GWST 2000, GWST 2053, GWST 2066, GWST 2200, GWST 2217, GWST 2300, GWST 2301, GWST 2310, GWST 2320, GWST 2500, GWST 2800, or permission from the instructor.