Welcome - Honours Thesis Pt. 1 GWST 4901   Honours Thesis Pt. 1
Students writing an honours thesis in Gender and Women's Studies as the primary subject of a Combined Honours program must enroll in this course. Students will be guided through the process of developing their honours project and writing their thesis. Students can work with any faculty supervisor they would like to or consult with the GWST Coordinator who runs this class for the academic year. The course meets approximately five times over the course of the academic year in which the student writes their thesis. The grade for the honours thesis is assigned under this course number.
NOTES: Students taking this course must register in and complete GWST 4901.015 and GWST 4902.015 in consecutive terms; credit will not be granted if courses are not completed consecutively.
FORMAT: Seminar
FORMAT COMMENTS: Supervised thesis writing
PREREQUISITES: Admission to the honours program