Welcome - Slavery and Slaving in Global History HIST 2714   Slavery and Slaving in Global History
Slavery was a powerful and widespread part of human history long before it became embedded in the Atlantic world. People continue to be enslaved today. This course will look at slavery from ancient to contemporary times in diverse parts of the world to better understand what slavery is, why it is so common, why it takes different forms, and how it has been resisted. Many historians approach this study by dividing societies into those dependent on slave labour, and those merely holding slaves. Other historians are more interested in the situations and processes which give rise to slaving systems, how power is negotiated within them, and how both slaves and masters have shaped diverse slaving orders. This class combines both approaches, looking first at the sophisticated understandings of slavery historians have developed for the ancient Mediterranean, then exploring more recent scholarship about the varieties of slavery in Asia and Africa. The last part of the class will look at slavery in the Atlantic world and contemporary times considering what we have learned about slavery and the fights against it elsewhere
FORMAT: Lecture