Welcome - Slavery and Slaving in Global History HIST 2714   Slavery and Slaving in Global History
Slavery has long been a part of human history. Ancient Greece and Rome, and many societies in the early modern Atlantic world, depended on slavery. But many more societies practiced slavery in diverse forms. This course will look at slavery from ancient to contemporary times in diverse parts of the world to better understand what slavery is, why it is so common, why it takes different forms, and how it has been resisted. It draws on new global history of slavery scholarship, seeking comparisons and contrasts between slaving systems to better understand how power is negotiated within them, the importance of gender, and how they change. After acquiring a toolkit of useful ideas, the course looks at some early slaving systems, and then compares them to the rich literature on ancient Greek and Roman slavery. Slavery in Atlantic world is then added to this comparative framework, with a particular interest in the lives of the enslaved. This will prepare us to think more clearly about how slavery continues, despite being now globally illegal, and how the fight to truly end slavery is being engaged.
FORMAT: Lecture