Welcome - The Masters Seminar HIST 5800   The Masters Seminar
This course is intended to hone students’ sense of their craft as historians. Its chief objective is to get students thinking about their own historical methodology, in theoretical and especially in practical terms. From the conception of a project through to its conclusion, historians should always be self-conscious about exactly what they are doing, why they are doing it, and how they are doing it. This course is designed to help develop that self-consciousness. The course will also include workshops on professional ethics, drafting grant proposals, and other such practical aspects of life as an historian. Its final product will be a polished thesis proposal. Please note that this course is a requirement for all new MA students.
FORMAT: Seminar
FORMAT COMMENTS: Students are required to register in this course in both the fall and winter semesters, receiving a grade of IP in the fall and a final grade in the winter term.