Welcome - Civil Trial Practice LAWS 2040   Civil Trial Practice
This seminar provides an intensive introduction to civil litigation. It requires students to have knowledge and understanding of substantive law in basic common law fields, e.g., Torts, Contracts, and Remedies, and of procedural law from Civil Procedure and Evidence. The course is designed to develop the students' awareness of the procedures required to prepare and conduct the trial of a civil action by developing their skills in interviewing parties and witnesses, conducting discovery examinations, conducting direct and cross-examination at trial and preparing and assessing expert evidence. The course is conducted on a seminar method involving in-class participation by the students in the various aspects covered in the course while at the same time developing the model case for trial. Out-of-class work consists of readings which are provided, preparations for weekly class demonstrations and preparation of various aspects of the model case. The seminar is conducted one night per week, the model trial being held on a Saturday. Attendance at all classes is essential.
NOTES: Assessment Method: In-class participation and participation at the model trial. Some portion of the final mark will be based on a written component. Evaluation will be clearly explained at the first class
PREREQUISITES: Evidence and Civil Procedure
RESTRICTIONS: Open to third-year students only