Welcome - Estate Planning LAWS 2050   Estate Planning
This course deals with the financial aspects of the aging of the "Baby-boomers". It will be primarily concerned with consideration of the tax consequences of death and of efforts to reduce taxes before death. The tax position of the taxpayer in the year of death and the tax position of the estate will be examined. Some time will be given to simple estate planning techniques such as spouse rollovers, and inter-generational transfers. The tax implications of holding RRSPs and pension before and after death will be examined. Some attention will be paid to health care and mental capacity issues. The course will also discuss particular problems including those arising from the handicapped child, spendthrift heir, and the reblended family. Those who have taken an advanced tax course (or have the equivalent) may, if they elect, be separately examined on more complex taxation issues including estate freezes and the sale of a business.
NOTES: Assessment Method: 35% mid-term; 30% project or paper; 35% final test
FORMAT COMMENTS: 2 credit hours
PREREQUISITES: Taxation I. RECOMMENDED but not required, Law of Succession, Equity & Trusts.