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This course offers students an opportunity to examine in a seminar setting major issues of theory and practice in labour relations not examined in Labour Law I. Matters discussed include public sector labour relations regimes, specialized regimes for regulating labour relations in the construction and film industries as alternatives to the standard industrial regime of labour relations in the new economy, and the impact of supra-national labour relations regimes such as International Labour Organization standards, the "NAFTA Labour Side Agreement" (NAALC) and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Other issues studied may include contracting out, problems of first collective agreement negotiation, constitutions of unions and other human capital organizations, inter-union jurisdictional disputes, alternate forms of dispute resolution for both interest and rights disputes in the labour context, and problems related to the exclusive position of unions as certified bargaining agents (the duty of fair representation). In addition, the potential reform of labour law to protect vulnerable workers in non-standard employment contexts (part-time employment, home employment, dependent self-employment, frequent career changes, agency employment, etc.), and to enhance human capital investment in a globally competitive economy, will likely be addressed. The teaching method will involve presentation of key sessions by the instructor (and possibly invited experts) in the first part of the course, followed by presentation of seminar sessions by students based on their research for their major papers related to labour relations topics of their own choosing (as approved by the instructor).
NOTES: Assessment Method: By Major Paper (60%) plus the class presentation and general class participation
FORMAT: Seminar
FORMAT COMMENTS: One two-hour seminar per week for one term