Welcome - Directed Research Paper LAWS 2069   Directed Research Paper
A third year student may undertake an original research project for credit under the direction of a faculty member. The topic must be one that falls outside the parameters of seminar coursees offered in the year, and there must be a faculty member willing to supervise the paper. Students should consult faculty web profiles to ascertain faculty research interests. A student who is interested in doing a DRP should have demonstrated, in written assignments already completed in the law school, ability for independent research and writing. Third year students may undertake a Directed Research Paper (DRP) of 3, 4, 5, or 6 credit hours, under the supervision of a faculty member. For third year students a proposal for a 3 credit hour DRP must be approved by the Director, Student Services and Engagement, while a proposal of 4, 5, or 6 credit hours must be approved by the Studies Committee. DRPs are intended for third year students, where approved. Second year students are granted permission to do a DRP only in exceptional circumstances and must obtain permission from the Studies Committee. The Committee will consider the proposal and the prior performance of the student in Law School, plus any other relevant factors, in making its decision. A DRP for 3 credit hours would be of greater scope and depth than a paper submitted for a regular course, and the student's research and writing would be expected to be of very high quality. A student, with the consent of the faculty member concerned, may apply to the Studies Committee for permission to undertake a DRP for 4-6 credit hours, depending on the quality and extent of the work to be done. Four or five credit hours would be given for projects requiring research in greater depth than is required for a 3 credit hour DRP. Six credit hours may only be given for work of highest quality, of some originality, and prepared for presentation to faculty and students in seminars or workshops to be arranged. It is likely that 6 credit hours would be given only for projects extending over both terms. The number of credit hours and the term or terms in which the DRP is completed will be determined by the Studies Committee, in consultation with the faculty member and the student, when the DRP is for more than 3 credit hours.