Welcome - Taxation of Corporations LAWS 2106   Taxation of Corporations
This course covers several topics in relation to the taxation ofcorporations and their shareholders under the Income Tax Act. The emphasis is on reading and understanding the statutory language as construed by thecourts, as well as analyzing the policies and principles that animate thelegislation. The initial part of the course addresses the taxation ofcorporate income, with topics including: rationales for corporate taxation, corporate residence, Canadian-controlled private corporation status, active business income, and investment income. The next part of the course deals with the taxation of shareholder distributions, including dividends and shareholder benefits. Subsequent classes focus on tax-deferred corporate reorganizations. Finally, the course surveys the tax aspects of buying and selling a corporate business. At various points in the course the rules regarding corporations are compared to those concerning partnerships and income trusts. The aim is to give students a strong foundation for future practice or research in corporate tax law.RECOMMENDED: Business Associations is highly recommended but not required.
NOTES: Assessment Method: Written examination that may be open or closed-book or a series of assignments plus a class participation component.