Welcome - Gale Cup Moot Court Competition LAWS 2107   Gale Cup Moot Court Competition
This course is a high level mooting competition among all law schools in Canada, and is held in late February at Osgoode Hall in Toronto. The course requires individual and collective work on a moot case in an area of domestic law, usually criminal law. Extensive research, the writing of a factum, the preparation of argument, performance in mooting trials at Dalhousie and final presentation of the case in Toronto are all involved. The course will include exposure to appellate advocacy techniques and instruction therein together with simulations before practicing lawyers. Evaluation is by the faculty advisor, although the Gale Cup judges will also likely provide comment and grading at the actual competition. Students should be aware that preparation for the Moot or the Moot itself may interfere with travel plans during Reading Week. This course is limited to 4 third year students. Eligibility for the course is determined by the Moot Court Committee based on performance in the second year qualifying moots.
NOTES: Assessment Method: Numerical and a letter grade evaluation for moot performance. Participation in the class satisfies the major paper writing requirement, if the student wishes to count the moot as a major paper.
Please note: students may take only one competitive moot during their degree.