Welcome - Advanced Issues in Family Law LAWS 2112   Advanced Issues in Family Law
This is a limited enrolment seminar intended to allow students to explore in detail areas involving financial and other advanced issues in Family Law. Topics covered will vary from year to year, including: theories of child support and the Child Support Guidelines; the interaction of child support and parental misconduct; hard child support issues like shared custody, adult children and s. 7 expenses; income determination; theories of spousal support entitlement; advanced use of the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines; proposals for changes to the Matrimonial Property Act; property and support issues for common-law couples; valuation issues; tax problems; pensions; domestic violence; parental relocation with children; and more. Classes will use problems and discussion to explore these issues. Students are encouraged to take inter-disciplinary and comparative approaches to the issues, in discussions and in their papers.
NOTES: Assessment Method: By major paper and class participation.
FORMAT COMMENTS: 2 hours per week, 3 credits