Welcome - Mental Disability Law: Civil LAWS 2127   Mental Disability Law: Civil
This seminar concentrates on issues involving those who are described as having a mental health problem or an intellectual disability. The course surveys many central topics, including the history and conceptualization of mental disorder, international human rights law, substantive and constitutional aspects of involuntary civil commitment, the legal response to alleged incompetence, the right to treatment and to refuse treatment, misuses of power and remedies and advocacy services. Students are encouraged to develop their understanding of the rules and policies of the legal system and to heighten their awareness of this form of inequality and discrimination.
NOTE: Course Details listed here also apply to LAWS 2128.
NOTES: Assessment Method: Term assignments (LAWS 2127, 2 credit hours) or major paper (LAWS 2128, 3 credit hours); a class presentation and class participation are also required for each student. Please note: registration processes and waitlists are set up separately for each of the 2-credit and 3-credit options.