Welcome - Sale of Goods LAWS 2145   Sale of Goods
This course is about commercial transactions involving the sale and supplyof goods. It deals with the law relating to the sale and supply of goodsand, in particular, involves a detailed study of the Sale of Goods Act.Topics to be covered include the definition of a sale, the classification of goods, the definition of property, the consequences of property passing, the rules for determining when property passes, the performance of the contract, and remedies for breach of contract. The course will also discuss consumer protection issues and the Vienna International Sales Convention.
NOTES: Students should note that this course constitutes only one of two parts of the subject area of Commercial Transactions, as listed on the Nova Scotia Barristers' Society Recommended Courses. The other part of this subject area is taught in Commercial Law (B): Secured Transactions. Assessment Method: Written examination that may be open or closed-book
FORMAT COMMENTS: 2 hours per week