Welcome - Crown Law LAWS 2189   Crown Law
There is no other entity involved in as many civil proceedings as the crown, federally and provincially. Through its statutes, regulations and policies, the crown’s impact is evident in all aspects of Canadian society. It is imperative, therefore, that legal practitioners, regardless of their areas of practice, understand the crown as a legal entity. The crown enjoys unique rights and protections under the law. This course will explore these concepts through topics such as crown immunity, remedies available against the crown, civil procedure rules only applicable to the crown, the jurisdiction of courts over the crown (including that of the Federal Court of Canada), rules of evidence exclusive to the crown, judicial review, crown agencies and crown powers in the recovery of debt. The course will focus on the federal crown and the provincial crown in Nova Scotia.
NOTES: Assessment Method: Final exam with the option of an assignment (30% of the final grade).
FORMAT COMMENTS: 2 hours per week, 2 credits