Welcome - Human Rights Law & Protection in Canada LAWS 2195   Human Rights Law & Protection in Canada
This Advanced Seminar offers students an in-depth exposure to the constitutional, federal, provincialand territorial jurisdictional network of Human Rights (HR) legislation, policies, and mechanisms set up under both the common law and civil law regimes to ensure the protection of HR in Canada. Students will critically examine relevant reports, doctrinal writings and jurisprudence generated by Collective Agreement Labour Arbitrations, by HR Tribunal and Board of Inquiry Hearings, and by Supreme Court of Canada decisions, so as to identify the evolutionary trends of Canadian legislation and Case Law. The Seminar will focus not only on those substantive deficiencies and procedural limitations that inhere in the current systems, but also on the public response to Canada's domestic implementation and delivery of HR protection.ENROLLMENT: Limited to 16
NOTES: Assessment Method: Term Assignment 20%; Major Research Paper 80% (in English or French)