Welcome - Law of International Trade and Shipping LAWS 2211   Law of International Trade and Shipping
International trade is the aggregate of thousands of individual transactions. This seminar will offer students the opportunity to explore the different ways that the products moving in international trade are bought and sold, and delivered by sea. The Canadian and international law and practice governing these transactions will be studied in order to understand the rights and responsibilities of the various stakeholders, such as manufacturers/sellers, ocean carriers, cargo owners and importers/purchasers.ENROLLMENT: Limited to 16 students. Please note: Registration procedures and wait-lists are set up separately for each of the 2-credit and 3-credit options.
NOTES: Assessment Method: Either for 2 credits by a combination of in-class oral participation and several short take-home written assignments OR for 3 credits by in-class oral participation and a major research paper. This course may be counted towards a Certificate of Specialization in Marine Law or in Business Law.
FORMAT COMMENTS: 2 hrs per week, for 2 or 3 credits at the student's option