Welcome - Patent Law LAWS 2222   Patent Law
This class provides students with an opportunity for in-depth examination of the scheme of the Canadian patent statute and case law. It engages in intense exploration of patent law in the context of cutting edge technologies in diverse areas, including digital technology and biotechnology, especially in the pharmaceutical, health agriculture and general research contexts. In addition, the course will explore other regimes for the protection of commercially sensitive information under statute and common law such as trade secrets and other commercial business information. The course will be taught with emphasis on common law, statutory regimes and Canadian case law. In appropriate cases, comparative perspectives on other Jurisdictions, especially the United Stated and European Union could be explored.
NOTES: Assessment Method: 100% Final exam.
PREREQUISITES: LAWS 2178, Intellectual Property Law
RESTRICTIONS: Restricted to students in the JD program or JD-combined programs: JDMBA, JDMHA, JDMLIS and JDMPA