Welcome - Public Law Placement LAWS 2238   Public Law Placement
The Public Law Placement provides students with the opportunity to work in the context of public service. Placement organizations are to be approved by Faculty Council. For the purpose of the Public Law Placement, the following are examples of “the context of public service”: government services; facilitation of access to justice for individuals or groups with limited or no access to legal information, advice ore representation; participation in activities that seek substantive law reform in the public interest; and provision of services that enhance the capacity of under-represented or marginalized groups to engage with the law and in legal processes. Students will take part in the work of their placement supervisor assisting with research and other tasks as requested. Students will be required to spend nine hours a week on placement work. Students will be evaluated on the basis of performance in the placement including assessment of memoranda written for the placement supervisor. Evaluation will be conducted by the faculty supervisor in consultation with the placement supervisor. This course does not fulfil the major paper requirement. Students will be selected by the faculty supervisor on the basis of academic standing, appropriate fit and demonstrated interest in the placement. Only third year students will be eligible. Interested students must apply to the faculty supervisor directly. Applications shall consist of a written statement confirming the student’s experience and/or interest and a copy of law school grades to date.
NOTES: Assessment Method: Honours/Pass/Fail
PREREQUISITES: Completion of second year.