Welcome - Family Law Dispute Resolution LAWS 2258   Family Law Dispute Resolution
Over 90 per cent of family law cases settle before trial. This seminar provides an intensive introduction to the settlement of family cases. It requires knowledge of family law, and to a lesser extent, civil procedure and evidence (the relevant aspects will be briefly reviewed in class). The course is designed to prepare students to engage with clients on a practical level; to organize and work on all aspects of a file including disclosure, negotiations, and court pleadings, and to participate in a judge-led settlement conference. This two-credit course is conducted as a small group seminar and significant participation is required for the class work as well as the model case for a case conference. Out of class work consists of readings, preparation for class participation, and preparation of various aspects of the model case.
NOTES: Assessment Method: Class participation and assignments (not all weighted evenly), and performance at a model case conference. This course does not satisfy the major paper requirement.
PREREQUISITES: Laws 2110, Family Law